Monday, May 01, 2006

FF VII: Advent Children

Wow. I mean holy mutha-fuckin' shit WOW. To think 20 years ago I thought a pixel that could bounce around and be controlled (Y, X axis only) was the height of technology and was "totally rad". I mean, christ, I played the first Final Fantasy for the original NES back in '87.

In case you have no freakin' clue what I'm vulgarly gushing about, Square Enix (Sony) just recently released a DVD movie based on Final Fantasy VII, the video game. It - is - insane; the very pinnacle of aesthetic delight. You know those really neat video game cinematics that segue or fill in story arcs? Okay, now picture a film where THE ENTIRE MOVIE IS THAT STYLE OF CG ANIMATION!!

I am buying this movie. Maybe two copies so I can watch one on my TV and one on my laptop.

Oh, and in other news I'm no longer working. Seriously. What do I think of this? I love it.

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