Friday, May 05, 2006

Iron Kingdoms

Damn you, Steve (aka, Arreyder). I was in Fandom II today and remembered you giving kudos to Iron Kingdoms. ... so I bought the Character Guide. Only starting to read it now, but it seems like a nice campaign world for D&D 3.5.

In other news, it's been a productive week: finished off all the necessary paperwork from work, finished my TESOL specialization (Business English), got my income tax refund, got the money I was owed, and I've been quite social. Life is good.


PG said...

Well, if the art is evocative of the style of play, I say... Wow... Looks pretty cool. Haven't checked Iron Kingdoms. Maybe I ought to.


Wayward Mind said...

The races are great: something like 10 kinds of humans (nation 'races'), trolls, ogres, 2 kinds of elves, dwarves, 2 kinds of goblins.

It also has some really nice rule-sets for magic, both divine and arcane. Ex: you can only safely heal 10 + Wis mod x caster level points per day... or you and/or the person you're healing could suffer some nasty consequences. That means that clerics are no longer roaming medkits, but have to be judicious.

Also, when using summoning spells, there is a 5% chance per spell level of attracting the attentions of an Infernal... who will 'tag' that summoning conduit and appear as well.

Lots of great "house rules", new classes and prestige classes. And firearms and mechanika! It's a fantastic world, Pascal.