Monday, May 22, 2006


I applied for a teaching position near Shikoku island this morning, and since I applied via the website the job was listed on, I received an email. Actually, I wish I hadn't, though it was smart of them to set up the system like they did. The contents of that email is as follows:

This email is to confirm that your resume has been sent to *name of school* for Job ID #*****. To date, 52 resume(s) have been submitted through *name of website* for this position. Please note that many companies only contact candidates they are interested in.

Fucking christ. How does one have a fucking chance in hell when 52 people (today alone) have applied to a position in some small village where the largest urban centre is one of 440,000 people, an island away? What chance do I have to get anything that seems a better location? What I'm saying is that this wasn't exactly the opportunity of a lifetime, and it received 52 applicants. It was a chance, a shot in the dark. I feel like I have a fucking flintlock pistol and everyone else has a .50 cal.

I'm just fucking pissed. I take a firm stance finally in my insignificant life, and I feel blocked in at every turn. Maybe I should haul ass to Japan prior to having a contract and hit the street, door to door, Willy Lowman style.



hypoxia said...

Do not despair! Most jobs, whether here or there, get about 100 applicants on average. A good chunk of those are usually people who are not actually qualified but figure it's worth a shot.

Not only are you qualified, but the place here in town asked if they could use your resumé as an example for future students. That definitely puts you in the running. You, sir, are carrying a semi-automatic sub-machine gun.

If you don't get this job you will get another one. Job hunting sucks, no matter who you are or where you are hunting. But you are smart, you are personable and you are uber qualified, so it's only a matter of time.

In the meantime, you need to keep applying and then keep yourself distracted.

Wayward Mind said...

Thanks, Suze. I think I know that on a rational level. I just had one of those helpless, futile moments of extreme angst that set off my temper. And I have my dad's temper, woo boy. I went for a walk and felt better after. I just feel like there's a countdown and I'm not making any progress. The truth is, an opportunity could come my way any day. I just need to give it time.

Thanks again. :)