Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Real men fondle Doomsday Devices"

If you're a Cthulhu fan (and c'mon... who's NOT?!), you have to read this. I always go back and read the survival guide every few months because it's so damn funny. That is I read it when I can freakin' find it.

If you've read most or a few of Lovecraft's short stories, you'll recognize many of the references. If you haven't read Lovecraft... well... ummm... you suck.


Hypoxia said...

Yay! I don't suck.

That list rocks! "Every mountain cabin comes with an obligatory psychopath." It's funny cuz it's true.

PG said...


Ahh! My Cthulhuesque side warmed a tad reading this... Note the warning to cat-lovers... You Freak.

I especially liked...

"Curiosity did not kill the cat. Some unspeakable horror did. Not only that, it also turned the cat inside out, had pseudo pods grow from every orifice imaginable, gave it a taste for human blood and made it six times larger than before. Now the cat is coming for you."


Wayward Mind said...

It kind of reads like Jayne Cobb's "best practices" guide. :) I like these ones:

* Always save the last bullet for the moron who got you into this.
* If that moron isn't you, aim for the legs. If you're going to get eaten alive so is he.