Tuesday, May 30, 2006


A while back I had made mention of a movie coming out called "300" based on the Battle of Thermopylae. This movie is instead based on the graphic novel(s) by Frank Miller (Sin City). The movie looks like total ass. Fuck I hate Hollywood. Why the fuck are they basing a movie on a graphic novel when the fucking event itself can be easily referred to, there being plenty of historical background and depth?!

Simple logic:

Event --> Movie (1 step)
Event --> Graphic Novel --> Movie (2 steps)

Does no one else see how this makes zero fucking sense? It's like quoting someone who is paraphrasing the actual individual whose quote you desire. Plato is rolling in his grave right now.

Based on the video journals, even the costumes are fucked. Seems like all they got right were the crimson cloaks, though I didn't see any lambdas (the symbol of the Spartan city-state) on any of those cloaks, so I guess they didn't get that right either. Their swords look like shite, and their helmets are all pock-marked and scarred, completely unlike the disciplined state the Spartans kept their kit in. Their shields bear no devices, and THEY'RE NOT WEARING ANY FUCKING ARMOUR! In the footage, they aren't even fighting in phalanyx formation.

AND THERE WERE MORE THAN 300 on the Greeks' side! There were 300 Spartans... with about 7,000 allies. Plus their squires, blacksmiths/weaponsmiths/armoursmiths, cooks, and of course the rabble that follows any army: merchants, scavengers and the like.

FUCK. I hate people.

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Ancient Clown said...

I'm with you on hollywood...BLAH!!!
And this is first hand experiance talking. Here's my list of Who's WHO.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown