Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Welcome, O' Wondrous Deluge...

So it's only been... well, 16 hours since I posted my resume, and already I've gotten one personalized solicitation and two 'farmed' solicitations to teach overseas. Funny... they're all in South Korea, even though my subject line of my posting said 'Kansai, Japan'. Oh well. It's definitely nice to see offers coming in so quickly, and the page counter on the little resume site is moving, which is nice.

Time to reach out and see what the other TESOL grads in Japan have to say.

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PG said...

Got a friend who taught two years in Korea, then Israel, and THEN did his Master in 2nd language teaching. He loved Korea: the food, the people and... the barber shop.

Something to do with the fact it what some sort of erotic barber shop... Go figure. The two concepts (hair cut and eroticism) somehow clash in my mind, as I am used to 60 year old men (typically Greek or Italian) chopping my hair...

All that to say: glad the offers are starting to come in.