Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Damn geography

That position I spoke about in "Belay that last" post below has gone all the way to the interview stages... however, the director of the school wishes to meet with me in person. She said "It is difficult otherwise", meaning that it would be very unlikely for me to proceed beyond the stage I'm at.

That blows. 570-some people had applied by the time I had, and I was one of a handful contacted for an interview phase of the application. I'm starting to honestly wonder if I might not be better off getting over there and annoying the hell out of Adrian and Fiona for a bit while I look and make myself available in-person. I know for a fact I kick ass in interviews - nothing freaks me out thanks to my final Infantry Officer interview: one Lt Col., one Maj., two Capt's... glass door looking in on the other three there for the same interview. I've been a whiz since then. I don't get nervous and I present myself well.

Very difficult to do that from half a world away. I think it's time for that A/V "letter of introduction".

I guess I'll see what the response is from the director. I basically replied saying that I would not be in country for an interview, and pushed a bit to see if she would accept a Skype interview. I'm thinking no, but hey... shows my genuine interest and it's a reasonable alternative that will cost them nothing.

As I always say... We shall see. Lots of other things out there I'm going to focus on so as not to get my hopes up.

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