Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Can't think of a clever subject line

Well, I finally posted on one of the most prominent ESL boards. It was a good post, and as part of it I put in this link. I don't consider myself overly clever by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought it wise to make my 'international resume' and letter of introduction easy to reference online.

I'm waiting on the list of TESOL people over in Japan so I can start some networking and direct inquiries. I have a listing of schools in Japan, two of which seemed particularly promising, one in Nara and the other in Nagoya. Nara City is where'd I'd love to be, but I've broadened the scope of what I will accept in terms of geographical locations. I'm still adamant about being in the Kansai region, though.

Anyhoo... small update, but it feels significant given the number of recruiters and directors/principals who use the ESL forums to find prospective teachers for their schools.


PG said...

Any reason you didn't mention your love of RPGs and how your favorite character on TV is the Mutant Ninja Turle Leo?

Uhm... OK, maybe not such a good idea after all...

Seriously, letter of intro looks good. Haven't look at your Resume.


spurkis said...

Saay... nice design!

You missed out everything on True Cyberpunk, and being a director of TCGames too ;-)

I've only skimmed things, but looks good. Only thing I'd point out is you didn't include dates in your "Teaching & Professional Experience" page... but hey, maybe you didn't want to ;-).

Got my fingers crossed for ya,

Wayward Mind said...

Ha! You guys is funneh. :)

I actually should have included the TCGames thing! Forgot about that. Hmm...

There are no dates, since the resumes are supposed to be relatively "age" neutral. It's mostly an overview of relevant teaching/leadership experience, and as such many of those activities will have been on-going for people or whatever. I had the opportunity by virtue of my ex-job to note that some professional experience since it bears directly on English communication.

PS: my favourite ninja turtle was Leonardo! how'd you know that, Pascal?! ;)