Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm Famous!

Okay, not really, but it's given me a good reason to get my arse out of lazy-mode and post an update.

A while back, a guy randomly sent me a message through Flickr regarding one of my photos from Song Shan. I just got an email saying he's used it for his company's website, Home and Abroad, specific to Song Shan. Kinda neat. It isn't the Washington Post or The Times, but hey.

Things have been busy. Work at the Senate's been pretty hectic; few days have been shorter than 9 hours. Last week, Weds was 12 hours, after which I slept for 4 hours and worked another 12. Despite the schedule, the work itself has been good, and I think I'm more or less in the groove. There are still instances that pop up that I'm not sure how to deal with (such as when the Senate went to Committee of the Whole), but I'm 95% there.

I just had a Bell guy in to fix two jacks. Turns out, someone had torn out the entire phone line from the computer room through to the living room and into the kitchen where the "main" is. So the guy had to run 80'+ of cable and install two new jacks. Landlord will be footing the bill or it's small-claims court for him. The good news is that I finally have my phone in the living room and not on the stovetop, and the DSL modem is in my computer instead of on the kitchen table.

Did you hear the Merriam-Webster has added "w00t" to their dictionary? Jesus H... And people saying gaming isn't in the mainstream. Next year they'll add "h4x0r", "wtfbbq" and "roflcopter" to that, too. We're in a linguistic downward spiral, comrades.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, I guess. Just can't seem to get myself in the spirit, though. I still need to grab stuff for Angie and my mom, but otherwise things are taken care of. Trying to wrack my brain for something wicked-awesome for Angie, but I think I outdid myself when I got her a Slanket for our anniversary. It's going to be hard to top that unless I could find her a blanket comprised of synchronized-cuddling kittens.

Going for a pint this Friday with a bunch of folks, which will be fun. On Saturday, Angie and I are going for supper and drinks with Angela, Ben, Jimmy and Heather. Again, looking forward to that. Sunday is our 1.5-year anniversary, so that belongs to us. We're then heading on Monday to Brockville to stay with my parents over xmas, then will head to her mom's for more of the holiday break.

Can't think of much else, really. I know quite a bit has happened recently, but since I don't update often enough on here it's hard to remember what's transpired in between.