Thursday, August 10, 2006

What the fluggen?

Okay... I can view my blog from home. So...


Nothing much to report. My new conversational class rocks. No text book... just free-range activities and ideas for them to talk up a storm. They take to it with such enthusiasm, too. The issue is keeping them in activities. I may have to pull the debate card again as that worked wonders in my late-teens advanced class. They loved it. I just don't want to seem like I'm doing whatever I can do to make them talk and ensure I stay in the background, though that is the point. I had them do an activity today (from the mind of yours truly) where they work in pairs to think of anything about a country I randomly assign (using flashcards with the country names works great as they can draw like kids picking "a card, any card"). Then they decide who will be the tourist, and who will be the tour guide. The tourists then randomly pick another country that someone else has. The tour guide then tries to "sell" their country to the tourist. It was kick-ass. They tore the activity apart. It got to the point where I almost had to tell them to quiet down a bit as they were abustle in English. 16 late teens to early twenties (20 after today - had 4 new students) all chattering in English, asking questions and receiving responses. All on the fly. It was great.

Anyway... yeah. Supper time. God bless Grace. Mmmmm... FOOD.


Hypoxia said...

Woohoo for internet at home - and being able to read comments!

It sounds like you are having fun getting your students going. That's excellent. And by the way - I, for one, loved Mr. Clancy's style of teaching.

Bill said...

Haha! I found you!

The ale is mine! Mine I say!

Alright, its been awhile. Wow, what an experience you are having! It sounds excellent! I will post up when I can. Take care my friend!


Wayward Mind said...

It was great to talk to you the other night, Hypoxia! Too bad you all had to wait for me. I could hear you in real-time, but it was odd that I couldn't send as fast. I can with Angie, which is why it strikes me as strange.

Bill! Save me some beer, ya bastard! The good stuff, too, not the yak's swill. ;) You still playin' the ol' DAoC?

Bill said...

Nope, I have stepped away. It was not fun for me anymore. I am looking at upcoming things with interest though.