Wednesday, August 30, 2006

End of August

A former student of mine, from my conversation class, gave this to me yesterday. It's a Tibetan ring-within-a-ring, meant to bring good fortune. This particular ring is not actually handmade from Tibet, but it is quite nice and I was delighted to accept it. It has become... precious to me...

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been in China. It seems to be passing quickly, though not astonishingly so.

On Tuesday, Alistair, Grace and I went to Nan Pou (sp?), a relatively large park in the south-west of the city centre. I've uploaded quite a few pictures from that outting to Flickr. It was a great afternoon. We arrived around 4:45pm, and wandered for a bit, just relaxing and allowing ourselves to believe that we were outside of Tang Shan. It truly felt like it. Lots of expansive green lawns, beautiful trees, winding flagstone paths, and quiet ponds. As we were coming back, we saw a few people gathered around a man who was reeling something in from the lake. We paused to watch, since his fishing pole was bent almost double. We joked that it was likely a body, then shut our mouths when he hauled in a trout (I think) that was easily 15 lbs and nearly as long as his leg. Alistair got a picture of that, which I need to upload. Then we went for supper and watched a movie.

I took over a business class last night. 6 women, ages ranging from 16 to 42, from various walks of life. I think it will be a fun class, but my first time teaching a new class always sucks. Like trying to dance to a schizophrenic rhythm. Nick was also teaching a class at the same time, so we went for a beer and a walk after, running into Michelle and Duncan who were returning from the bar.

Anyway... nothing of much interest to report. Just had a nice few quiet days. Now we're doing hours of training every day, though my class schedule for the weekdays isn't very busy. I have my business class on Weds and a VIP on Friday evenings, with most of my classes being on Saturday and Sunday.

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