Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beginning of a busy week

Had my 3-hour morning class. It went really well, given that I was prepared to do a review of sections 1-3... yet the class had only done section 1. So it was all improv and speedy reference to the book. They had fun talking about the Battle of Hastings (though there was a LOT of new vocab for them: throne, promise, invasion, monarch, conquest, empire, etc.). It was going so well I forgot about their first break. I noticed at quarter after ten, and then again failed to notice their second break until twenty-five after eleven.

I'll just say this: 11-year-old boys are like 11-year-old boys everywhere. Quite funny. We did a "if you had 1 billion yuan, what would you do?" exercise. Of course to arrive at that number, I had to pull a Dr. Evil... "1 hundred-thousand yuan" and they just raised their eyebrows. So I went "1 million yuan" and they just looked at me and said "that's not wery much monies", so then it was up'd to a billion which I still don't think they were satisfied with but they spread that money around.

I came in to a piece of worrying news in an email, but things seem to be okay. I've been placated... somewhat by a follow-up email, so I'm feeling alright. Waiting on better news, however.

Everything here is status quo. Happy that I handled a 3-hour class of 11/12-year-olds (sans lesson plan) without issue. Makes me feel like looking forward to this afternoon's class of teenagers. Kinda.

Time for lunch. Alistair and Nick are staring at me. Later!

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