Thursday, August 24, 2006


Okay, I'm here officially for 8 months (including this month, retroactively). So I'm done as of March 28, and will be back in Ottawa at the end of April. Contract signed today, and I was a hard-ass. To the point where the Director of Studies (DoS) said it was the "most lucrative" contract he'd seen approved, in terms of getting corporate to agree to my terms. What can I say... I've run the corporate legal gauntlet. These guys are small fries compared to that.

I'll be taking 3-4 weeks after my contract completion to wander around China, heading south to at least Nanjing, though I'd like to get to Zhuhai near Hong Kong to see Linda and John, and from there venture west into Yunnan and Sichuan. That would take me through most of the country (minus the Tibetan plateau and the Gobi Desert). I'd then train it back to Beijing and head out from there.

So that's the plan. I'm also looking at taking 3-5 days off in October to rendezvous with Steve and Nika when they hit Beijing and surroundings.

That's the update. I'm officially employed and such.


PG said...

Congrats! I am sure the time will fly by and next thing you will know, you'll be back in Ottawa.


PS: What's with the Mohawk haircut picture on Flickr?????

Wayward Mind said...

The mohawk was just for shock-value for Grace, Alistair's lady-friend. She shrieked and laughed and jumped up and down saying "Just one *gestures to hair*! Why you do that?!" Quite funny. Alistair thought it was kinda freaky. I actually think I look okay with a mohawk, but it was a bit much. ... and not work-friendly.

callmescipio said...

hey! That's exciting! Now you have no excuse- you HAVE to come to our wedding- you promised me ages ago that you'd dance at it! :-)

Angie said...

Someone has to get me some pictures of that.