Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Two Things

Numba Juan: I am getting internet hooked up at my apartment today, so I hope to speak with a good many of you in real-time soon. Actually, it'll be set up before most of you are awake. Boo ya! Good thing I brought my wireless router - it'll be a breeze. It's high-speed also, so I can use Skype and not sound like some hokey sci-fi radio show from the '30s.

Numba Tu: Next Thursday is my last summer class, so things will slow down. YAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAY! So... no more 6 hours of class a day plus 2-3 hours of planning. I will be able to take a breath. That was some of the best news I've had here in a while. I love having something to look forward to, especially when it's something that spells a bit of relief for yours truly. Also, the summer weather will be winding down a bit in a month and I can't wait. Feels like it's been summer for aeons.

Not much else to report. Things are going well, classes are flowing nicely, teaching grooves have been found, and I realized that I'd hit my last belt-hole yesterday. So I've lost enough weight to have moved two holes down on my belt since I left Ottawa almost three weeks ago. That's a good thing, I'd say.

I miss gaming. I was reading through some PDF sourcebooks that Todd put on a DVD for me and man oh man... by the time I get back to Ottawa I will be frothing at the mouth to game.

Happy Wednesday! I must away to find some lunch type stuff.

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