Friday, August 25, 2006

Le Funny

Okay, this is fucking hilarious. Read the article, and then click the YouTube link at the bottom.

Nothing else to report. We all went for lunch, courtesy of Mr. Zhao. He congratulated us all (through Sonny translating) on having a great summer business period, and then proceeded to get like 9 bottles of beer for toasts. He went around to everyone. It was ganbe city. With guys, you have to chug the contents of the glass, I've realized. I thought it was perhaps an isolated incident the other night at the Chinese restaurant with Duncan, but nope... "Ganbe!", clink glasses, and down your beer. "A full glass indicates a full heart" goes the Chinese saying. It was sort of funny, since Mr. Zhao is usually very reserved and just kind of slinks around when he's not in his office.

Anyhoo... I have to entertain Nick's kidlets tomorrow while he does parent interviews, and then I have a new TB class. Then Sunday, it's my usual TB 2 and TB 4 classes. Weeeeee Then off for 2 days. I just find I get exhausted by week's end.


Trishia said...

So we were talking at breakfast this morning about Chinese food in general... Now, tell me, is there anything at all like what you find in your typical all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet here? (i.e.; Dubarry or Yang Tzi or whatever)...

Wayward Mind said...

Ummm... a little bit, yeah. None of the Canadian trademarks: General Tsao's Chicken, orange chicken, chicken balls, egg rolls, etc. Depends what region you're in, though; they have very different food in the south than in the north. A big issue is availability of fresh ingredients, so Canadian or American Chinese food has to be made differently to make use of local foods/herbs.

Never seen eggrolls here, though. Seafood is relatively popular where I am because of only being 2 hours from the sea. We had shrimp a week or two ago, and the shrimp were still jumping in the bag when we carried 'em home. Squid, fish, shrimp and eel are probably the most popular, though there is also crab sometimes. Still lots of chicken, pork, beef and lamb. It's a very protein-rich food culture, and they don't have tonnes of vegetable dishes in comparison to the amount of meat dishes you can get.