Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Last Step

I only have to book my flight now. I got my Chinese visa this morning. All my things are packed; the rest is in storage at my parents'.

I guess I've been putting off booking my flight. One, I had to because I wasn't sure of visa process time, but mostly... I knew it was the final step. After booking my flight there's no looking back. I'm not one for intense change, and I've been caught up in some very major changes to my life. One of my own choosing, and another one a blessing brought about by time and one unimaginably phenomenal woman. It's all a bit scary, but I'm getting to love this feeling. It's been a long time since I've been forced out of this apathetic "comfort zone".

Change is good; both of them are fantastically good. I, being a coward, just need to get my head around them.

Guess I'll see a bunch of you folks Friday! We're up to 28 confirmed people... it will be one helluva party. Lots of laughs, litres upon litres of beer, and I'm sure a few tears. Bring it on!


PG said...


Have a beer on me. Gosh, I feel like I am getting right inside your head. I just wish I could massage all those thoughts into something either totally alien and nefarious, or else something rose and fluffy (like little bunnies running through sunny meadows), which would probably be meaner to inflict on you: can anyone see Patrick skipping around the room, filled with happy thoughts with a daisy behind his ear? Uhm, OK, maybe. He has done stranger things.

Seriously, I hope you are over your highs and lows, and that your mind, body and soul are all in line with the new reality: you're moving to China! I hope you have a truly enriching experience and that, although you will likely miss your friends, you will meet new people and come back with fond thoughts on this trip.

Change is never easy, but change is good! Go, explore and have fun!


Wayward Mind said...

Thanks, God. I plan to. :)