Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Aesthetic of Simplicity

... is white, with an Apple logo. Now, I'm not normally one to hop on bandwagons (especially not 'hipster' ones), but goddamn. Everything is so easy. I go to a blog, say, and just hit RSS icon at the end of the url and bam... a RSS feed version of the page pops overtop the main HTML page. Then bookmark it, and tada. Hit it again, and you're back to the HTML.

Searching... easy as freakin' toast with Spotlight. Everything on the machine is indexed, and iconicized for visual differentiation of search results. So if I do a search on Tom, if I have emails, images, document matches, etc... they'll all be sorted and categorized by where the results fall under (images, applications, documents, contacts) so it's really easy.

I've downloaded Adium and actually remembered my ICQ and YIM info. Guess I'll have to get MSN working so I can integrate that also. (Adium - thanks Suzi! - is like Trilium... it's one program for all IM programs)

Anyhoo... More work to do, I guess. Later,

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Hypoxia said...

Amen to that mister!

Beauty and brains. Such is the way of the Mac.