Saturday, April 15, 2006

Only a few steps more

I sent my international resume and letter of introduction to the alumni coordinator at United TESOL. So that's basically finished. Just waiting on his feedback and some modifications to it, and then I'm ready to get out of Dodge. Now if only I could remember my password for the school's website so I could finish the last little bit of my specialization... bah.

Things are pretty quiet. I'm sitting in my grandparents' living room, siphoning internet from some silly n00b who decided he/she doesn't need to secure their wireless network. My Nan's asleep with a crossword puzzle in her lap, my Poppa half-watching muted CTV, slipping in and out of sleep. My mom's upstairs watching a movie with my cousin, no doubt they're both sleeping too. :)

My Poppa is doing better than I had thought he would be. He's on a slough of pills and everything else, but he doesn't seem any more the worse for wear than when last I saw him. My Nanna's cough has improved, and she seems better also. Who knows?

Tonight, supper at my aunt's with my mom's whole side of the family. Should be nice. It's been great to get away from Ottawa, even if that meant missing Michelle's trip through. (d'oh) But... heading to Toronto for the last weekend in April to see a few folks I haven't seen in years. Passing through North Bay, I met up with Marci, and met Christian and their baby Alex for the first time. It was awesome to see Marci again, and she is a great mother. Alex is quite well-behaved and a cutie of course.

That's about it on my end. Looking forward to a continued quiet weekend and a nice drive back to the ol' Ottawa. If I can remember my password, I'll finish all my TESOL work this weekend also.

Happy Easter, folks!

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