Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Man be catchin' up wit' me...

They're on to me. I just received a notice that my bank is investigating my account because "according to their records" I may not be a full-time student anymore. O noes! Now I face the stupid normal fees for account usage. Bastards! Another ruse bites the dust.

This follows on the heels of Greyhound/Voyageur buslines. Last year, they started carding me and they've gotten wise to my "oh, I just got that card replaced and they forgot to put the right sticker on it" sham. Now I have to pay the damn adult fares. However, the subterfuge works if I go return trip from Kingston, as they are very student heavy and I guess I look stupid enough to be taken for a Queen's student. *ZING!*

The irony, of course, is that I still get carded for cigarettes and beer.

Just scan my retina or analyze a pound of flesh already fa chris'sake and have done with it.


Dave said...

PC Financial!! (if you have one out there... they have no service fees, however, if you need someone to deal with (a teller), they don't have any of those.. but in this electronic world of ours!, I've only needed a teller once and not had it, and that wasn't even a big deal)


P.S. - Stick umm... I forget the name of the comic is wicked (up to #92)

Wayward Mind said...

OOTS is da shiznitz, brudder. I should have shot the link to you ages ago.

How's yer job comin' along? Having fun dealing with all the old folks who think they broke the internet, or who think that aliens are hacking their DSL? =D