Thursday, June 23, 2005

First shot

So here I am. Got interested in this idea after a friend of mine created a blog here to record her upcoming trip to Europe, and I thought the idea of her being able to write to everyone without actually having to do so (and to give her friends/family the opportunity to comment/respond) was fantastic!

Now to the name of this blog... I've always thought it pretentious, despite having a background in philosophy, to call someone or be called by someone a philosopher. So 'quasi' makes light of that. 'Philosophical' because all thoughts set down with even a pretense at rhyme or reason could be, if abstractly, considered philosophical. 'Ruminations', well...

ru·mi·na·tion, n.
1. The act of pondering; meditation. 2. The act or process of chewing cud.

Hrrmm... (no comment) 'Wayward'... 1) I like the word itself and 2) I like to think my mind often wanders from the orthodox, beaten track. 'Mind' because I'd like this forum to act as a free-form outlet for whatever I happen to be thinking of, or am curious about.

(wow... how anal is it to defend one's blog title? aw well... it's a start at least.)

That about describes it. I'll make more of a go of this once I'm not at work. *whoopsie*

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Dave said...

I would just like to say (and this has nothing to do with your entry).. but I really like the colour scheme ;)