Thursday, June 30, 2005

Go go gadget job opp #1!

Okay, I'm at that stage in my moving where I'm breaking my back moving my 600+ books. I should never have been allowed to work in a bookstore. That's like letting a junky do prescription refills at Shopper's: "One for you, and one for me!"

But the good news is that I am in the process of building my last bookshelf (see, Mom & Dad, there is a god!) and there are two nice shelving units already built into the place. So far I'm loving this new pad. Lots of room for all my geeky/obsessive stuff: computers, books, gaming compendiums, and assorted nik-naks that I ought to have tossed in grade 8.

But the news of the day: I've applied for a job at FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) in the position of Communications Officer. Check out the responsibilities:

- Monitor news media daily and prepare reports for FCM staff;
- Provide ongoing analysis of media coverage and identify opportunities to communicate FCM’s messages;
- Respond to routine media enquiries and arrange interviews with FCM spokespersons;
- Help coordinate media coverage of FCM meetings, events and news conferences;
- Write news releases, backgrounders, articles, speeches and opinion pieces;
- Assist with the management of Forum magazine;
- Contribute to the development of FCM communication strategies and messaging

Ummm... can you spell "built for me" ? I just about fell outta me chair when Suzanne sent this to me. Da-amn! So I faxed my new resumé out to them this morning, and will do follow-up soon, possibly in person since they're in the Market. I also know someone who works there, so need to ask John if he'll toss in a good word. (Just hope he still doesn't begrudge me saying at his wedding that he tormented me unmercifully in high-school...)

I can't express how absolutely liberating it felt to fax that coverletter + resumé, and how utterly phenomenal a sensation it was to read through the responsibilities and duties and not think "there's no freakin' way I'd get this". Instead of I thought "This job is built for me, and I'm going to ensure that they realize that".

Do you think I should have left out "Oh gods of FCM, please hire me! I am PERFECT for this job!" on my coverletter? Hmmm...

That's it for now. (the other tacit good news being that I have internet again)

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