Thursday, June 30, 2005

DAoC trailer vid

Rogerio, something you might find kinda neat from an amateur video editing perspective. Dave, get yer arse back into DAoC! WoW is for cartoon-lovin' dorks.

Sodred Trailer

Inspired by a buddy of mine in-game who's made a vid, I think I'm gunna try something like this once I get my vid card fixed, and download FRAPS (video capture software). Might even invest in a decent editor, though I've been advised to just go with Microsoft Movie-Maker for the near-term to get used to editing.

Anyhoo, I just thought it was a cool little trailer. Great angles, and music/video sync. Lookin' forward to the guy's full vid (he's got like 3 to date).

That's it for now. Off to build my final bookshelf and listen to my cat scream in drama-queen agony at the tragedy of my having made her move... again.


Dave said...

I don't play WoW anymore and I've decided that I'm going to try to the best of my ability to stay away from MMO's. They're time sucking leeches is what they are :) . Very bad things to be playing while in school (I had to quit playing WoW after the Christmas break last year so that I wouldn't get behind in school).

Anonymous said...

Man on Fire is name of his vid. Can be found on

It's been up since the 4th
It is a huge file!

Wayward Mind said...

Yeah, 320 megs. Holy... pretty good video, though! Nice little story associated with it. Lots of praise for Sodred on the Reaver forum on and well deserved, I would say.

(anonymous = evileddy?)