Friday, June 24, 2005


On a bit of a happier note than the other one from today... EVILGASM! I just about burst a gut. I'm a devotee of OOTS (Order of the Stick), an online comic. I just had to share this:


For you gamers out there, check out the whole series -- you'll laugh, you'll cry (because you were laughing a wee bit much). I highly endorse it!


callmescipio said...

Hi you- I can't believe you're alive! It's been ages! Miss you; miss your ruminations. I'll be reading.

Wayward Mind said...

Heya, Scipio! By the way, got an awesome book recommendation for ya: The Virtues of War (by Stephen Pressfield). It's a historic fiction novel on Alexander the Great. The guy has written 2 other amazing novels, again from the Classical period: Gates of Fire (battle of thermopylae) and Last of the Amazons, when Athens was young and Persius seduced their queen. Both are great. Keep in touch!

callmescipio said...

Cool- thanks for the recommendations. I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so am doing loads of catch up reading. Always looking for another good book!