Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Picture's Worth 7 Hours' Delay

(Image courtesy of Steve and Izzy, sent from Kunming. They're Engrish/whacky Chinese sign enthusiasts, also.)

Okay, it was bound to happen. I missed my 14:50 train to Hangzhou by 1m30s, if that. Blast. Got the ticket exchanged for a train tonight at 21:50... but... that will put me into Hangzhou for 04:00. Ummm... ouch? Yee-up. Hard seat, no less, not a sleeper. At least I'll get into the hostel for around 05:00 and just crash out in their lounge. I'm pretty sure they'll let me. Then I'll check in, have breakfast, and meet up with Nick someplace.

What happened? Well, after an early lunch at a Korean restaurant with Joe and Rudy, Rudy and I hit the road to check out Jiang Xin Yu, a little island in the middle of the Yellow River. It was quite nice, but we missed the ferry we wanted to take... just because we went a little overboard with picture taking and weren't paying as much attention to the time as we ought to have been. It was a taxi race through the city after that, then a pedicab... ummm... trundle (god, that guy was slow).

That really sucks. I was looking forward to a beer with Nick tonight. Guess it will have to wait til tomorrow night, after we check out West Lake and Ling Yin Temple. I just hope I'm not a wreck, and able to sleep a bit on the train. If not... it's gonna be a rough day tomorrow. Well... so it goes.

Will write more soon. I've got pictures of Joe and Rudy (some good pictures of Rudy in Jiang Xin Islet), and I'll get some of Nick and Katy.


callmescipio said...

So I'm going to guess they meant:

In the pond are lotus plants. Please do not pick them.



Andy said...

Either that or:

Beside the pond containing the new experimental "Lotus" missile is a big red button. Do NOT hit the big red button. Thank you for your cooperation.

Could go either way.


Wayward Mind said...

I think they should have silly Engrish signs like that in Canada. People might actually read warnings and notices and such.