Thursday, April 12, 2007

Photo Update

Nineteen new pictures up, courtesy of having copied Felix's photos over the last 3 days. I'll have mine up from all parts of the trip in a few weeks, when I get back to Tangshan. (Though how anyone will look through 1200 photos, I have no idea - guess I'll have to pick and choose err sumfin'.)

Talk to you all soon!

(Andy, never fret: I still receive comments via email, so I can track your peanut-gallery'itry*.)

* peanut-gallery'itry copyright Wayward Mind, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hey, no copyrighting my crap! I didn't try to make a Broadway musical out of the Quest for the Holy Tai Ji Quan Clothes (How do you say "Get the cow" in Chinese?), you don't trademark my ass-hatteries!


Angie said...

Mom loved the monkeys.

PG said...

What?! You took a picture of your monkey...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! The dressed monkeys. Ahum! I see.


Wayward Mind said...

You have to claim copyright first. Sucker!

The monkey pictures came out great, and you'll be happy, Angie... more pictures are coming up and should be on flickr by the time you wake up (15th). John's copying them now off my camera, so it'll be Beijing -> Zhuhai photos. Wenzhou -> Tianjin will have to wait til I'm back in Tangshan.