Monday, April 09, 2007

Cong Guilin, ni hao

Whew. Made it.

Don't have the will or energy to write much tonight. I will say this: April 8th is not April 9th (more on this later), contortionists are nuts but highly admirable, Wudang Shan is awesome-wicked but the summit is a small-space tourist sink-hole, karst landscapes are simply breath-taking, old Chinese women with fewer teeth than I have fingers are hard to understand but very enthusiastic in conversation, the fastest way to a Chinese man's heart is with the words "Wo gei ni wu-shi kuai... xian zi, ting wo." (I'll give you 50 yuan... now listen to me.)

Will write more when I have a spare moment - my mind's a bit scattered and I feel as though I haven't really had a chance to breathe in the last 10 days, since Chengdu. Coffee and sleep beckons... in that order. (Immunity to caffeine has its perks... har har)


Andy said...

Do we really want to know why you were trying to buy a Chinese man's heart with 50 bucks? Probably not....


Wayward Mind said...

I bought your heart for less, you hussy.