Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 15 - Wuhan

I think it's day 15, anyway. Me can't keep track.

So all done the Yangzi River cruise, and Three Gorges Dam tour. The dam was impressive... for a massive wall of concrete. Talk about an enormous project. They're saying it's the second largest undertaking in China, the first having been the Great Wall. Not sure about that, but it is neat. Massive 5-stage lock system for vessels 150 meters long. Regardless, it was a really nice day, weather-wise, so it was good to be out and about.

No problem with the bus from Yichang to Wuhan. Stayed in a somewhat meh hostel here. By night, Wuhan is beautiful. By day... well, it's just a Chinese city. I got my hair cut in a rather iffy part of town, while a few people - mystified - watched the woman shave my head. The Yellow Crane Tower was nice, and I strolled along what is said to be the longest pedestrian market street in China. Whatevah. They drive more slowly here than in any other place in China that I've seen. Now that's a claim to fame.

I've taken 420 pictures so far, with room for another 680, approx. Shouldn't have any issues for space, it looks like, which is a relief. In two hours, I head for Wudang Shan (well, Liu Li Ping... 30 km from Wudang Shan). I'll stay overnight at some little hotel in Wudang Shan town then hike up in the morning. It's only 1600 meters, and is said to take 8 hours to get up. I'll bus down to save time. Hopefully that's without incident... I'm getting a feeling like this could be a real hassle.

Anyway... I'll write from Guilin in two days. So long for now! Gotta go get my train ticket for Guilin.

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