Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tai Ji Quan Photo Madness

Lots and lots of pictures. And two videos. Just don't know where to host them. Photobucket is teh sux for that, but I may have to use it.

I haven't gotten the pictures from the other night sent to me yet, but I took a tonne tonight, and was able to give my gift to Xiang Laoshi - I gave him my Malak photo book of Ottawa. I think Xiang is his surname... it could be 1 of 30 or so variations based on intonation and how it's being pronounced (Xiang, Sheng, Cheung). Of course, it could be an honourarium: xian also means 'gentleman', 'sir' or 'mister'. Though Sir Teacher would be an odd title... I'll see if they'll write it in pinying at some point.

But yeah... go here for tai ji quan picture madness. Got pictures of him with the qiang (spear), jian (broadsword) and dao (sabre), as well as pictures of him demonstrating ji focus with the 'master in white'. That was very cool. They started off in traditional duel stance (I guess), and then just began this circular whirlwind, with Xiang Laoshi gaining so much of an advantage that he had the other master up and on the calligraphy table. (I got a video of that.)

Anyway... I must go to bed. I have to be up in like 6 or 7 hours just so I can go back there.


Yup, his name is Xiang (shiang, said quickly), and the 'master in white' is Song (soong).


Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, I'd be pretty interested in looking at that video if you could somehow get it online. The fighting style sounds pretty neat.


Wayward Mind said...

Not sure if I can - photobucket is ass. I'll see, however, about getting a copy of the longer demo VCD with my teacher, and his master (now dead) on it. Crazy. Also has tonnes of footage of other practitioners doing their thing, using various styles (Wu, Sun, Chen, Yang), etc. Was very neat to watch.

May not be able to upload that, or sections of it, but I can bring it home with me in May.

Trishia said...

How small can you make the files?

Wayward Mind said...

Ummm... not likely I can change them. I don't have any editing programs on my iBook.