Friday, October 13, 2006

Blown Away

My master at tai ji quan just gave me two shu fa scrolls. I'll take pictures of them soon (edit: a picture taken). He also took a bunch of pictures with us both, which hopefully I can get on Monday or Tuesday so I can post them. It was an awesome night. I didn't learn tonnes in terms of form progress, but I learned a great deal in terms of movement and focus. It felt so much more natural tonight.

Xiang Lao Shi also had me try to fight him, and he whipped me... badly... by just watching my reflection in the mirror. He taught me a tonne through demonstration. He also wants me to learn Chinese as fast as I can so he can take me to Beijing and all over the place to help him translate and train with him. (I'm not quite sure why he wants me to do that... except that he plans on coming to Canada soon. I dunno. I was a bit lost in the conversation.)

Xiang Lao Shi and the other master want me to come in whenever I can, including mornings. I'm so there - Monday, 9am. Apparently they think I can do exceptionally, but I have to practice with them more often and really apply myself. They were asking me how much I make a month, and if I make money in other ways. They then segued into asking me how much I would charge them to learn English. I said "Meiyo!" (Nothing).

Sorry, this is a rambling post. Just such a surreal night. They were very disappointed in how short a time I'll be in Tang Shan (short in terms of tai ji quan training, anyway). Oh, the master was also filmed (a good 8-10 minutes, solid movement, like watching water). Maybe I can get a copy of that.

Crazy night. I just need to find a safe place for those shu fa scrolls.


Anonymous said...


that is fucking amazing! you should feel blessed, you lucky bastard lol.
keep it up, i want to see chi coming out ying-yang(haha) when you get back.

" like water my friend"
- Bruce Lee

take care of yourself and do'nt for christsakes get in anymore "unmarked" cabs. thats a good way to get mugged or worse.

Hypoxia said...

Wow! That sounds like something out of a movie. So. Very. Cool.

Wayward Mind said...

It was mind-blowing. I'm going to give my teacher my book of Ottawa (Malak photos). It's the only thing I have, though for xmas I'm going to see if my mom can fire me a few dreamcatchers. They'd love that, I think.

lol Ed - true. F'ing unmarked 'cabs'. I won't ever be doing that again. How's the welding?

Jamie said...

Wow!!! Is that for real or have you been reading Steven Segal's bio again.
You're good fortune forces me to hate you like burning pee.

PG said...

So f*cking awesome! I am starting to expect you to show up with weird Shaolin monk tattoos all over your body when you come back, fighting bad dudes with your pinky!

Coming near you.... "The Tai Chi Master".

You are SO lucky... Have you considered renewing your contract just so you can stick around and learn more Tai Ji Quan? If you start teaching them English, it should become a really really profound experience. You are getting to live and breathe China in a completely different, new way.

OK, I am ramblinbg, but my mind is just blown away. Is it bad to be envious????


Wayward Mind said...

This site ( has the best tai ji quan info I can lock down (can't access wikipedia), if you're interested. I'm learning (now) Chen style. This school teaches all but Yang, which is the "tai chi" of the West.

>>> Have you considered renewing your contract just so you can stick around and learn more Tai Ji Quan? <<<

Simply put: nope. Tai ji quan is one of three 'internal styles' of Chinese wushu. It takes a lifetime to "get". I'll take what I can learn now, practice my arse off, and hope that the Tai Ji Studio on Bank Street in Ottawa can provide a decent enough faximile when I get back so that I advance and expand. I know they teach Chen, Wu, Sun and Yang styles there. That doesn't mean that I'll not be very sad to leave the place and these people behind in April.

If the place on Bank St isn't as great as I'd like... then I have a reason to come back, on top of the many other reasons. After all... I have a lifetime membership here. ;)

Anonymous said...

talk to Kee Hong when you get back.
he did a demo at our studio and he definately knows his shit.


Anonymous said...



Angie said...

They'll just have to make a movie about you and your exciting adventures in China.