Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mingtian, wo chen que Beijing ba! Woooo!

Yay Beijing! Heading there tomorrow to meet up with Steve and Nika. Should be a blast... if this weather improves. Temperature is set to drop to 10 degrees, so qouyi and qouku (long underwear) will be the order of the day. Not too much else to post except all has been well the last few days. Tried to get to tai ji quan last night, but no go. The masters were out and about on a Tang Shan adventure. Fighting evil or some such is what I was given to understand. Of course, my Chinese sucks so the other student might have said they're meeting business partners or something. I dunno.

Right now it's pouring harder than I've seen in a very very long time. The streets are completely obscured and rain is bouncing about two feet off the ground (where the ground wasn't already under 10 centimeters of water). My Chinese teacher had brought me an umbrella. lol And she brought me yu mi - corn. A sweety she is, but like an old-school head mistress. She's very very happy with my progress, and I hope to find a decent coursebook on Wangfujing Lu on Monday or Tuesday morning. That's about the only thing on my Beijing agenda, to be honest. Otherwise, it's act as barely-functional translator for Steve and Nika and enjoy the sights. We may have to opt out of the biking idea given the weather and suck up taxi costs, or hazard the subways.

Then Tuesday afternoon/evening, Steve and Nika will brave Tang Shan and stay overnight before heading on to Shanhaiguan near Qinhuangdao. Will be treatin' 'em to dumplings and other goodies tomorrow night. I think a round or three of beer will also be in order if we can find Shanlitun district.

Anyway... hopefully I will have a good batch of fresh photos to upload in the next three days.


Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick.

Sucks to go to another country and have it be barely better than back home. High this week is about 6, and it's been raining on and occasionally off for most of the month. I drove to Toronto on Friday and went through a small snowstorm that had a couple of inches of accumulation in some spots.

Other than that, pretty much crap as usual here. "Killer" Belo beats me up every time she sees me. I'm running out of lunch money. Luckily I moved floors, or I'd be just one massivly bruised ego :)

P.S. If you can make any sense out of that, you're doing better than most people.


Wayward Mind said...

More coffee, less crazy would be my advice. ;) Ah, who am I kidding. A sane Andy would be... well... not you, and that'd be no fun. I mean, who would you be if you weren't you?