Monday, June 12, 2006

Eye Surgery

Woohoo! I'm going in tomorrow morning (Tuesday) for a consultation, and if all is well at that time, I'll be having Wave-front PRK surgery on the 21st of June, with approx 3 days recovery time. It will be with Dr. Edmison, the director of Focus Eye Centre.

Yay! One step out of the way. Now to check on times when I can get my travel vaccines and schedule a dentist appointment.

The only issue is this may infringe on Angie's visit. I hope it won't, or that I'm not half-blind. I'll need to check with her to confirm when she's coming up. If it's on the 23rd, then all should be well.

I'm excited about this. Apparently, vision correction between -1.00 and -6.00 is considered low correction, and has the highest improvement rates. I'm at -5.25 and -5.75.

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