Thursday, March 09, 2006

"To a passport office, go!"

(Hamlet, Act III, Scene 4)

So off I go. Hopefully I won't have to fake having eubola to get through the line-ups, but we'll see. Just realized how stupid I am for attempting this in March with March break 2 weeks away. Brilliant! I am a planning GOD!

Jumped into email real quick this morning out of habit, and there was an email from Adrian and Fiona. They've got Japan pictures up from Kyoto! That stiffened my resolve, let me tell you. So I'm off. Will write more when I'm back. Although I'm working from home today, there will be precious little working. I plan on working through my specialization and fine-tuning my international resume to send to Ray, the alumni coordinator at TESOL, who will review and offer some advice. Then I begin looking, and will again employ Ray to spread his ESL tendrils into Nara prefecture to dig up opportunities in Nara.

Off I go!

Oh, and I got all the mp3 Japanese lessons from a guy at work. Sweet. Tried to burn them to a music cd so I could employ good ol' hypnopaedia to become a Japanese linguist. Yes... that's the ticket.

I'll be back with a fun (okay, boring) anecdote from the passport office. If I'm not back in 3 hours, send JTF 2 in for me.

Edit: Okay, an hour and a bit later... I'm back. That was boring. They didn't even cavity search. Pffft. Will have my passport back by the 27th.

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