Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Off to the races!

I just signed up for TESOL Certification (80-100 hours of course-work and practicum). November 30th is the first class, going until the Sunday (40 hours). Then 15 hours of online course-work in grammar, then 25 hours of specialized teaching training, then 20 hours practicum (optional).

It's on now. By late December/early January, I'll have my certification, and soonafter I'll be looking for teaching opportunities in Japan (which, apparently, are numerous... 40% of ESL opportunities are in Asia).

So yeah... baby steps. Time to get my passport sorted out.


Trishia said...


That was unexpected.

Just stay away from ice cream tubs that have little cute fishies or cows on them.

callmescipio said...

and you know, Japan is not so far away from a really really nice place to visit. :)

Wayward Mind said...

You mean Taiwan? I know! I'm psyched!! >;)

j/k I won't make Adrian's mistake. But that means you gotta come visit me, too.

callmescipio said...

well obviously. :) We were talking about how we want to go see Japan just the other day. Nice and convenient of you to decide to head off there!

PG said...

AH!AH! There we go. Go to Japan for a year and don't call Adrian while you're there. We're gonna have this 3-way feud between Adrian, Angela & You!

Good luck with your plans. Sounds exciting! One of my friends did this in Korea and Israel for about 3-4 years and loved it. He ended up doing a Master in ESL Teaching.

Wayward Mind said...

Yeah, it's kinda funny... Steve B was a little miffed that all his friends have/are vacated/vacating the country. Poor Steve.

I wonder how intracontinental gaming would work... *ponders*