Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Music Genome Project

Now is this damn cool.

Pandora's Box

Enter in a band or song, and it will match the tendencies of that music to similar bands/songs and create a playlist or 'station' for you. I'm gunna be abusing this at home for sure. Great way to find new bands and music.


PG said...

I will check that out. I like Yahoo!Music myself. Let's me program my station also, and plays bands recommended by other users who like the bands I select. Bands/albums your rate higher get played more often. There is a few ads, but hey, it's free. An it lets me pick old bands like Manowar, which usually don't get air time (hey, music of my youth).


Trishia said...

You read fark.com as well, don't you?

Wayward Mind said...

Hmm... nope, never checked out fark.com. I will now!

Trishia said...

I was thinking since two of your recent links, I had already seen posted on fark.

Let me know if you'd like to hook up before Christmas sometimes; we're three housecats here now.