Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First class

Wow. It was a great first class, and looks like it will be a great series of classes overall. However, my days will be very long and busy. I won't even be able to go home from work tomorrow or Friday, considering the time to took me to finangle a bus from Bank St to the Rideau Centre today.

The instructors are great: motivational, informative, direct and dynamic. The workbook is a nice mixture of set-up, tutorial, anecdotes and perspectival articles/lists on ESL. Some great parts about the complexity of English, culture shock, reverse culture shock, group dynamics, cultural relevance as applied to teaching, etc. Already have "homework"; very minor thing.

I was nervous at first, but now I'm focused and excited. Very much looking forward to seeing this through and getting as much info as I can.


PG said...

Way to go Pat! Good luck with the lcasses and your plan. Sounds exciting. And as for frustrations to come (from other post)... Let me tell you one thing... It all starts when you use the same word in the same language, and you find out later on that it means something TOTALLY different to you and your native friend... Especially when you get into values.

-- Pascal

Wayward Mind said...

I found out tonight (Friday Dec 2nd) that in Japanese, they have different... counting styles. They have number schemes for vertical counting, horizontal counting, grouping, etc.

It's cool, but at the same time... eeep.

So I fully anticipate a lot of humourous/embarrassing scenarios. :)