Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day of Days - 4th Edition Unleashed

Well, the day finally arrived, and Angie could tell you that, in these last few days, I was as annoying as a 4-year-old anticipating the approach of Christmas. So as happy as I am to have the books, I'm sure she's just as relieved not to have to hear about it anymore.

I am not disappointed in D&D 4th Edition. I got the boxed set (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual) for $90, taxes included, from Fandom II. That's $5 off the U.S. price for each book. Purdy sweet.

I'm not going to review them, since Gnome Stew has done an awesome and comprehensive review of all three books. I absolutely agree with everything he's written, including the WoW or MMO influences and feel of some of the material.

This is quite the geeky weekend, actually. Yesterday, I picked the boxed set up at 11am, then met my buddy, Pat, at the Royal Oak for lunch, beer and oodles of geek-talk. We were there so long that Angie actually came to meet us after she finished work (5:30). ... yeah, many pints were drunk.

Today, I'm playing the Keep on the Shadowfell module (round 2 since we suffered a total party kill last time) with my new gaming group and, tomorrow, I'm getting together with my old Ottawa D&D gang for a beer and some catching up. I haven't seen any of them in 2 years. Should be great! I will also try to recruit some of them for a game that I want to run in the near future, ideas for which have been coursing through my mind since getting my grubby hands on the new books.

Thankfully, Angie understands my need for geek stimuli and, if not endorsing it, certainly accepts and tolerates it. With a smile, even. I don't think there is higher mark of excellence in a significant other than one who accepts and obliges in their loved one a hobby or activity they find incomprehensible, strange and/or time consuming. I'm sure Pascal and Angela both will wholeheartedly agree.


PG said...

I love that Gnome Stew review, Pat. Thanks for the link.


Anonymous said...

So Patrick, what's your take on 4th Edition so far?


Wayward Mind said...

I love it, Andy. (I'll send you an email since I'm not sure if you'll check back here.) The system works exceptionally well. As a player, I really like the changes and the diversity of the classes, and the fact they're all complementary to one another.

As a DM (starting this Sunday), I love how easy all the number crunching is. 5 level 1 characters in the party gives an encounter budget of 500 XP. All the monsters in the MM have a XP listing and not a CR. So I just take 5 x 100 XP critters, or mix it up: 8 lvl 1 minions (25 XP, 1 hp), 3 level 1 monsters. Add or subtract to make it harder or easier, respectively. Easy as pie.