Friday, May 30, 2008

Penny Arcade and PVP play D&D

Okay, this freakin' rocks. I just downloaded the ((download link)) first segment of an all-day D&D game played by the two guys from Penny Arcade (scroll down), a guy from PVPOnline and Chris Perkins from Dungeons & Dragons R&D.

Holy crap is it funny.

"Did you choose a name?"

"Yeah, I'm Jim Darkmagic."

"Wha--? No. What? Why don't you just call yourself Trent Awesome-Laser."



"Yeah, I'm from the New Hampshire line of Darkmagics."

These guys fuckin' slay me. It's damn funny. I'm 12 minutes in right now, and the game is getting going with Chris Perkins telling them about D&D stuff at a high level (hit points, and such).

If you can't access the link to download, just register. Dragon (which the podcasts are a subset of) and Dungeon, the two publications, require the registration (which is free).

7 more days til 4th edition release!

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