Sunday, February 04, 2007

What's Your Doom?

Just a fun little internet test. Basically, you have to choose what you feel are the lesser of evils. Enjoy!

Take the Hecatomb™ TCG What Is Your Doom? quiz.


Angie said...

Surprise, surprise! Angie got Greed.

Hypoxia said...

Gee, I wonder why we're friends? I also got Corruption!


Andy said...

Your doom is destruction!
You live to tear down what others have built. Explosions bring tears of joy to your eyes. Nothing is more pleasing than the moans of your victims and the lamentations of those left in your wake. You think Genghis Khan was an amateur.

Yeah, sounds pretty much like me. That was on my yearly performance review.


Wayward Mind said...

lol Andy. I can just see Jim saying: "So, Andy... I think we need to address this 'Destruction' thing..."

Mmmm... Greed.

Corruption doom-wielders represent, yo!

PG said...

Ah! Ah! I got Greed! But what I loved the best is:

"No french fry is as delicious as one taken from another's plate!"

Scary! I have been known to say this, almost word for word!!!!!!!! I have also stolen fries from someone, who then offered some more, and said:

"It never tastes as good when it's freely given."

And yes, I was talking strictly food... Corrupted minds.

Wayward Mind said...


However, "No rotting watermelon that tastes of rancid smoked meat ever tastes good, regardless of the manner in which it is given."

I miss our old Kingston gaming days. Some of the best that ever were. Wish I could make this PbP game as good as your table-top games were. Someday Fiona will become a millionaire thanks to some screwy genetic experimentations on Adrian and we'll have someone to mooch off of and establish a gaming retreat in the Scottish highlands.

PG said...

LOL!!!! Wouldn't that be nice!

The game is a blast. We are starting to develop a feel for our PCs and the group as a whole, but it takes longer, given the pace of a PbP. Still, it helps me maintain my sanity between the courses and HQ-mania...

But I must admit I miss the BBQs, the bullshitting... HGosh, I am even startingt to miss things like the rotten watermelon...