Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To All The Lurkers Out There

I know there are nigh on 10 hits to this page per day (sometimes 20+), and given that some of them might be repeats, I'll say 3-5 unique click-throughs. I'll know more when I bother to check the metrics for page hits.

Please understand something. If you aren't emailing me or talking to me on MSN/Google/Yahoo IM or Skype, this is my sole means of communicating with you. Post comments please, even if it's only "Sounds like you had a great time!" or "I'd hit it" or whatever. If you aren't communicating with me in other ways, this is me putting effort into communicating with you, so take 20 seconds to make this a two-way thing. Nothing more dejecting than checking my inbox and finding zero comments to an indepth post that took me 40 minutes to write.

All I'm asking is that you take less than a minute to make a comment. They mean the world to me and I frequently read them multiple times so great is my joy at hearing from the people I dearly miss. I'm in a foreign country with high-tech vehicles of communication at my disposal. Please use one of them. To those of you who keep in touch with me through various means, this obviously isn't aimed at you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really does mean a lot to me.

Sorry if this sounds pissy, but look at it from my perspective: no family, no close friends, no familiar comforts, treading foreign ground... and no word from folks when the opportunity is staring them in the face. Yeah, it irritates me. If it's the character code required to post a comment that is baffling you, then please lay off the smack. ;) That's there to foil the numerous spammers who post "I really like your blog. Are you looking to buy organic, fair-trade sex toys? Then click HERE!" (I'm serious)



Just got that metrics email, weirdly enough:


Total .......................... 142
Average per Day .................. 9
Average Visit Length .......... 1:25
This Week ....................... 66

Page Views

Total .......................... 281
Average per Day ................. 17
Average per Visit .............. 1.8
This Week ...................... 120


Ed said...

holy F@#K!!!
who pissed in your dim sum this morning?lol

i hope you're not getting home sick already. nothing ever changes here so enjoy yourself while you can.

btw, i think it's awesome that you are learning tai chi chuan. train hard and we can go fight in confederation park some time.
wing chun vs. tai chi :)

anywho, i hope you are enjoying the food and such(chinese food will never taste the same in canada again) and hopefully you won't be such a dork when you get back.(JK)

take care of you're self and look both ways before crossing the street(i'm sure you know what i mean, you've been there long enough).


Jamie said...

You're awfully bossy. Have you been reading the little red book of bossiness. Move over Emma there's another Miss Bossy Boots in town.

Wayward Mind said...

lol Heya Ed. Was wondering if you were alive - I kept firing an MSN your way for a bit, but no responses. Tai ji vs wing chun, huh? Think I'll pass...

Yo, Jamie. I don't have that particular red book unfortunately. Can you send me Emma's copy, please? I have been reading Kieran's Bunny Suicides part 2, though!

spurkis said...

I think we should get you "The Little Book of Calm" instead, that way you could accidentaly swallow it and... uh.. wait. I think this has been done before:


PS: for every comment left, there are 10 more unsaid.

Anonymous said...

Well, since everyone else is commenting...

I keep trying to get you on MSN, but you're always "asleep" or "off doing something double quoted" when I get to work.

How's the tai ji going? It sounds nifty, but I know nothing about it I haven't read in your blog.

On my side, I just got my yellow belt in Karate. Now I'm at least dangerous to myself. I'm curious what I'll learn in tonight's class.

P.S. Glad to hear the sex toys you're offered are free trade certified. I'd hate to buy ones made by underpaid child labour. That would be SO wrong. So, SO w-r-o-n-g.