Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chengde hooooo!

I'm going to Chengde this Sunday. All plans have been made. 61 yuan by bus each way, 120 yuan for accomodation.

Rough plan: arrive in Chengde, confirm timing of bus leaving Chengde for Tang Shan on Monday (should be 4:25pm), head to the hotel and crash. Wake up at 6am, and hit the streets, starting with Puning Si which is the only practicing Buddhist temple in Chengde, and has morning prayer. I'll likely cab to Puning Si, then begin the walking. I will have to go about 8-10 kms throughout the day, but I should be able to do that easily at a military (100 meters a minute) pace.

Targets: Puning Si, Pule Si, Bishu Shanzhuang which contains the imperial palaces and a small lake-riddled resort spot in the southeast. After that, I'll worry about checking out the other temples: Anyuan Miao, Puren Si and Putuozongcheng Zhi Miao (which was built to resemble the temple in Lhasa, Tibet).

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