Monday, September 01, 2008

All Moved In

It took us three days but, on Saturday, we were all moved into our new place in Sandy Hill.  It was a tense few days.

On Wednesday I called to re-confirm our U-haul reservation and found out that we only have the truck from 8am til 4pm.  That sucked.  It meant that Angie and I would be doing it ourselves on Friday.  Thursday, feeling we might be pressed for time on Friday with the U-haul, I went down the street and prayed I could get a vehicle so that we could move some boxes over and leave the Friday move for only furniture.  Luck had it that the only vehicle that Budget had was... an 8-seater van.  Aw darn.  And because it was the only thing they had, I got 15% off the price of the rental and the insurance.  Done!

With Erin's help, Angie and I moved three loads of boxes over to the new place.  Friday morning, I took a bus out to Coventry Rd and waited for only 45 mins (one guy had been there for 1.5 hours) and got the 14'x10' truck.  We loaded that all up and were doing well until around 1:45.  At that point, we realized there was no way we could finish on time that day and had no means of renting anything else from anywhere.  I made a panicked call to my parents and, thankfully, they were able to come in on Saturday with a trailer.  Aaron was also able to help and so, with 5 of us, we got the rest of the stuff moved in one and a half loads.  My parents also dropped off one of their sofas for us.  Woohooo!  Actual living room furniture.  Exciting!  By 3pm all the moving was finished.

By 4:30pm, Angie and I had finished doing a clean-up of the old place and headed out.  BBQ at Suzi and Jamie's was freakin' awesome and all the better given all the work we had done.  Yesterday, I handed the keys over to the landlord, got my deposit cheque back, a cheque for $50 for the blinds I left the new tenant and, most importantly (in terms of principles) I got the money for the phone cabling and hookup I had to do last November.  $175, only 9 months late.

All is well here at the new place.  Pele was a bit freaked out on Thursday and Friday as we had to shut her in the bathroom.  She settled in no problem here and right now she's with me, chillin' in the open window of the second bedroom/computer room.

I also have an interview tomorrow morning for the Communications Officer position with NRC.  If I get that, I'll be dancing in the streets.  So all is well and Angie and I are very pleased with our new place.  Pretty boring blog post, but hey... there you have it.


PG said...

Congrats on the move. I hope the new place works out for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Time to start thinking of upgrading ... :)