Friday, July 04, 2008

Driving... HOOOO!

Everyone beware - I am now road-worthy. Re-did my G2 driving test yesterday and had no issues. Glad to have that done (again... after 12 years).

Work is all wrapped up and I'm looking for summer work/another permanent job. Also looking for a new apartment for Angie and I. My 1-bedroom place was great for one person, but we have zero room and the place is maelstrom of possessions.

So that's all in the works. Not too much else to report.

Oh, PG and I started a new blog on table-top gaming. It's called Gamers' Handbook (for now). That name will likely change to something a bit more... ummm... good.

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Angela said...

Hey Pat- Congrats! I didn't realize you had let your license expire.

Good luck with the job and apartment hunt. We are trying to buy a house- nightmare. Are you in Ottawa all summer? Ben and I must be due for a visit.

Hope all is well!