Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dishes Suck

Damn glasses. So I came home from Angie's around noon or so, and by 1pm I was on my way to the Civic Hospital emergency room. The culprit? Washing a freaking glass.

Nothing too serious. I was washing a glass while doing the dishes (oddly, it was the last thing to clean) and it broke while my right hand was in it. My first reaction was, in no uncertain terms, "holymothafuckinshit!" followed by more intermittent swearing as my brain tried to process exactly what had happened while blood poured down my hand.

I ended up cutting deeply into my pinky finger, and three hours later when it was looked at by a doctor, found out I'd cut some minor artery or some such. It wouldn't stop bleeding. I soaked through a bathing towel Aaron gave me when we left, the gauze the triage nurse gave me while I waited another two hours, and the doctor went through about eight packages of gauze while freezing me and sewing me shut. (6 stitches... yay...) It only stopped when she placed a stitch through the little vein/artery and sewed it down. My arm was resting in an actual pool of blood. Lovely imagery, eh?

I found it all fascinating, actually. I watch Nip/Tuck religiously with Aaron, and have always been amazed by their re-creations of surgeries and such. Some of them very... disturbing. Very accurate, it turns out. I watched the freezing, and then the stitching. I had to help a bit at one point because blood just kept flowing over the areas she was trying to work on. I asked questions the whole time because I was really curious about it all. It was all very surreal. I couldn't feel anything, and because my hand was completely obscured by surgical towels or whatever, it looked like a disembodied hunk of flesh. Like it had no association with me personally.

On the plus side, I'm now up to date on my tetanus shot. On the down side, I wasted five hours of my day and can no longer boast that I've never broken a bone nor had stitches. My brother used to be the one who was always getting sewn up or having bones set. So much for my 28-year streak.

Wish I had a picture. I think the doctor had a camera phone. Should have asked her to take one before and one after. The one before would have been gruesome. It looked a bit like I had split my pinky in two. Not quite that bad, but the cut went a fair ways in. (edit: 24 hours later, I re-dressed my cut and decided to snap some pictures. Ugly...)

Nothing much else to report. Still no luck on the job front, and that's pissing me off. Well, some days I'll optimistic, other days pissed, and other days just down about it. Angie's moved into her place, and it's great to finally be in the same city.

That's about all I can think of for the moment.


PG said...

First I was worried... Then I realized you don't need a pinky to roll a dice... THANK GOD! You can still game...

Sorry you had to waste 5 hours. If it makes you feel better, I sliced a finger to the bone (nearly missing a tendon)while camping on an island. They had to evac me on a boat to Vancouver Island since they had no doctor on the entire island. Wrecked my entire camping weekend, leaving my friend stranded there to lug the camping gear back on her own (a one hour hike to the ferry). Things just turned ridiculous when 6 ambulances came to meet me and the other evacuee - a teen who had broken his ankle or something like that. Eh! Eh! Eh!

Good luck with the job search. Hope you find something to your liking soon.


callmescipio said... now all light headed and icky feeling after reading that- wasn't a good idea before breakfast!

Glad you are ok. How long are the stitches in for?

Best of luck with the job hunt. Let me know if you want to get in touch with my dad to see if he's got any useful contacts.

Wayward Mind said...

Stitches are in for 7 days. I can take this dressing off in two days or so. Need to watch for signs of infection: fever, redness around the wound. Should all be fine in a few days, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Uckkkkk! You know me with things like that - I'm still queezy. Glad you survived though. I've done that too, cut myself doing dishes but not that bad....I have to go hurl now :-<

Wayward Mind said...

A picture says a thousand words, so I guess that ended up being a long, graphic post. ;-)

Hope all is well, Rojay!

(I'll mail you the poster-sized version, autographed)

Anonymous said...

Not bad man! Speaking as someone who's broken multiple bones and had (roughly) 5 sets of stitches, welcome to the club.

Now we just have to snap something and get you into plaster. Your initiation will be complete...


PG said...

Awesome pic you added... Eh! Eh ! Eh! Just remember - if you pick up this sickening-sweet stench off your finger, not a good sign...

Hope the finger is good as new and life goes on.


Anonymous said...

Poor Patrice! That gave me chills, but fotunately I was so repulsed I forgot all about the chills.

Hope the pinky heels nicely. My dad once severed 4 fingers with a Mitre saw..I'll advise him washing dishes is also a no-no. He'll be pleased to hear that

PG said...

Funny you mention that... My dad chopped 4 fingers with a chain saw... He kept the fingers, but they looked like hamburger steak. He was actually going to drive himself to the hospital!

Anyhow, the doctor sew the flesh back together, but did not cut off some of the loose tendrils... So he mixed in dead flesh with raw flesh, and gangrene began tos ettle in... TOTALLY GROSS!!! My dad thought his fingers smelled funny under all that bandages, and had the family doctor (rather than the ER) check it out. They caught it just in time, and he kept his fingers.

No worries, Pat. But sniff often... ;-p