Monday, May 14, 2007

Geek Moot

(Caution: much geekiness lies within this post.)

And on the first day, God said "Let geeks muster upon the soil of the Royal Oak." And he saw it, and it was Good.

Tonight I met up with two guys - Tyler and Spencer - I had emailed re: a poster they had put up in Fandom II. My gaming itch has not in the slightest been sated by the PbP game, I'm sorry to say. It's been great so far, but is nothing like a real table-top game. The interaction and shootin'-the-shit is half the enjoyment, as are the in-game screw-ups, such as: dying... twice! (Pascal: "What do you mean dead? Like -3?" Me: "Ummm... like -24 'dead'. As in 'crispy and unidentifiably dead'." Pascal: "Ooooohhhhhhh..."), setting loose a one-of-a-kind evil (Todd: "That's a tarrasque isn't it..." John: "Maybe?" Lisa: "We just let loose a TARRASQUE?!"), being turned to stone by a medusa (Me: "I have +18 Fort save... only issue is if I roll a 1-----" John: "Did you just roll a 1 ?!?!" Me: "...... at least now maybe someone can break this cursed [stone] shield off my damn arm." John: "This should be good...") etc. ad nauseum. Not to mention rancid smoked-meat-flavoured watermelon, eh, Pascal and Geoff? ;-)

Tyler and Spencer were great. I've had such amazing luck over the last decade in terms of meeting gamers. Only a few problem people (*cough* halfling couple *cough* - the Kingston crew knows who I'm talkin' 'bouts) have ever emerged. Most have been fantastic and become very good friends: Pascal, Adrian, Steve, Geoff, Fiona, Linda, John, Todd, Lisa, and Sacha.

Tonight, I had to sit there and assume a calm, patient, sagacious DM face: nodding with a barely restrained smile as the enthusiasm swelled over the two hours we talked. It was so hard to curb my own avidity. Hilarious to watch everything die momentarily as the waitress wandered over to see if we wanted anything. "Nope, we're good." "So yeah... okay, I'll work on an ex-commander kind of veteran fighter... Say, how are we doing attributes? Roll or points-based?" lol It made me want to dance around and clap, it was so classic. Just like meeting John, Todd and Don back in 2003 when we met up at Patty Boland's. Chatter chatter chatter... someone approaches... go silent as conspirators... wait... safely resume geeky banter.

What amuses me is that most of this care taken not to expose our geeky roots is silly. Nowadays, a lot of people hear about pen-and-paper gaming and want to know what it's about. 10 years ago gaming and especially D&D came with a huge stigma, thus was something to be hidden and lied about. Now the reaction is typically "Hey yeah! I've heard of that. What is it exactly? Can I watch a game?"

Anyway, it looks like the chips are in play, and we're off to the races. (or something) Spencer and Tyler left tonight with solid ideas for PC concepts, and gave me great ideas for a campaign start. It was quite collaborative, which I want. We talked about gaming styles, really getting into what we wanted and relating funny/sad anecdotes from our early gaming years, positive and negative both. Then we got into specifics, mostly to do with changes in Black Company versus generic D&D 3.5 edition stuff. The end result: what they want from a game is exactly what I want to put into a game, so it's a go.

On a side note, I'm so lucky Angie not only tolerates my geekiness but thinks better of me for it. I try to imagine what things would be like if she was disdainful of it. Well, it'd be an ugly situation, I guess, because as Steve says "I'm a gamer. That's just the way it is. I'll always be a gamer." And to think it all started (for me) with the Heroes' Quest board game 16 years ago.


Angie said...

It's a two way street. You accept that I'm a ravenous beast who'll cost us a fortune in foods and cats and shoes.

Anonymous said...


This was a test. If we had really spotted a geek, a series of brutal wedgies, noogies and wet willie variants would be enforced.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Wayward Mind said...

Pot - I mean Andy - stop calling the kettle - err... me - black! ; ) You been playing at all in the past while?

I'm not sure if your obsessions will come out even against the geekiness, Angie. We'll see, but right now we're planning for geekdom to reign every other Saturday, from 10am - 7pm. That's a lot of wondrous geek energy. : D

PG said...

Yes, definitely.. Geeeeeeeeeeekk! Takes one to know one, you know...

Sounds awesome. Got great memories of grabbing a bunch of strangers together, and the trepidation of starting a new game...

Now, the player in me wonders... Are you dumping our game? ARE YOU???? Or is it just some complicated scheme trying to draw me to Ottawa?


Wayward Mind said...

... the latter: a complicated scheme to draw you to Ottawa. >:)

Anonymous said...

Potrick, I haven't been playing at all lately. My old group kinda broke up when everyone got knocked up (well, except for the guys). Ok, there was only one female, but babies were had by pretty much everyone.

Lately, I've just been trying to avoid getting kicked in the head. Is that so wrong?


PG said...

Uhm... You should do like Pat, and teach the babies to throw dice with their toes... [true story ;-]

Well, Pat, looks like you may be going back to your Hero Quest roots... Rumors has it that Hasbro is taking D&D and turning it into a sophisticated HeroQuest game focused more and more on miniature play... That's enough to make me take out my AD&D 1st Ed books and resort back to THAC0s, inverted ACs and all the quirky rules...

Or maybe I will stick to GURPS, the ultimate Geekness in gaming!


PS: Reading Blasck Seas of Infinity, a pretty decent compilation of Lovecraft's "best" stories. Wished I could have bought the complete works from Arkham House, but this one will do to satisfy my Chtulhuesque apetite...

Wayward Mind said...

"The Whisperer in the Darkness" is my favourite Lovecraft story. Sooo creepy! I'm not actually a big fan of "Call of Cthulhu" itself. It's alright, but I like his lesser known writings more. "The Reanimator" story is cool, also.