Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chengdu (Day 7)


Just after writing my last blog entry on the 27th, I got the chills... then started burning up. I guess my climb up Hua Shan wore me completely out and I got a fever. Thankfully, the trip to Chengdu proved to be 17 hours, and I slept 15 of those hours. That didn't help much, though. Arriving in Chengdu I still felt completely burnt out, but I ate some fruit and drank more water and slept the rest of the day (the 28th). Woke up this morning at about 6:30. So I spent most of the last 72 hours sleeping. Not the best use of time, but some things can't be helped.

Feel much better this morning, but I'm not going to do anything too crazy. Just going to wander around a bit, see the Old Street and Wuhou temple and park (both nearby), and take an early night tonight. Tomorrow I'll go to the Panda Breeding Centre (sexeh) and the day(s) after that, I'll do Emei Shan and Leshan. Emei Shan isn't too high, nor too rigorous a climb, and I can't wait to see the Buddha of Leshan. (google it for pictures) As I'll still have time, I'll see about taking a small trip to a village or something (maybe Ya'an) to see some southern rural life.

After Chengdu, I've decided to head to Chongqing to do a Yangtze River cruise, then go to Guilin. I'm not actually sure if I can get a train from way east of Chongqing to Guilin, but I'll do what I can. If need be, I'll bus to the closest city and buy a train ticket there. Being lampooned somewhere in the middle of nowhere isn't a horrible thing.

I'll write more once I've actually done something Chengdu.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sir Pat,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I've been thinking of you lately. I love reading your blog and am looking forward to telling you about my new Crazy life as a dance instructor.

Take care.
Love Nickie
PS- Long life Icmoose Icspruce

Wayward Mind said...

Nickie! I owe you an email. Fire me one - I don't have your email address with me.

Andy: sounds good, man! As this trip is turning out, it looks like I'll have 1 week before needing to be back in Tangshan, so I'll try to spend a week on Wudang Shan doing tai ji quan with the martial artists there. Wooo! \o/

Angie said...

If you'd gone to Chonqing earlier, I could have used your photos in my English paper. You can clearly see where the TA put a 90, erased it, then put a freaking 89. She always does that. Take lots of pictures anyway.

Andy said...

Patrick: You do realize the panda breeding area doesn't have audience participation, right? I mean, no matter how much you ask those nazi zookeepers, at best you'll be the freaky camera-man trying to get the best shots...

P.S. Got my green belt yesterday! I thought I was nice and calm, but I screwed up part of the taewaza, and when I got asked to do the second kata my mind went freaking blank. I had to stand there for 15 seconds and piece it together.


Anonymous said...

Patrice! Hope you are feeling better - the trip sounds great. Stay safe and enjoy!