Friday, January 20, 2006

How Canadians feel about the upcoming election...

It's funny because it's true:

Martin, Harper, and Layton are flying on the Executive Airbus to a gathering in British Columbia when Martin turns to Harper and says, chuckling, "You know, I could throw a $1000 bill out the window right now and make someone very happy." Harper shrugs and replies, "Well, I could throw ten $100 bills out the window and make ten people happy."

Not to be outdone, Layton says, "Well I could throw a hundred $10 bills out the window and make a hundred people happy."

The pilot rolls his eyes and says to his co-pilot, "Such arrogant jerks back there. Heck, I could throw all three of them out the window and make 32 million people happy."


Angie said...

Japan? Maybe I should look at this a little more often.

PG said...

Angie said she liked kiwis
... and went away.

Fiona and Adrian said they liked sushi
... and went away.

Patrick said he wanted to find the true Mr. Miyagi
... and went away.

OK, it's not related... But then, these are the ruminations of a wayward mind... (And isn't it beautiful poetry?)

callmescipio said...

haha- love it!

What's new with you? How are the Japan plans?

and pascal, I seriously hope you were referring to someone else, cause if you called me Angie, and called Ben a Kiwi...well...there could be violence.

PG said...

Oh... Angie...

It was all in the interest of Rhyme. If you don't buy that... Well, I will blame my Muse... You studied the Romans and Greeks to death... Show compassion...

Wait a minute... You're at the other end of the globe! You can't touch me!!!! DOn't come near me or I will pull out my purple die!

OK, no more Angie even for rhyme's sake. Angela it is. And when I said kiwi, I meant Aussie... Friend of mine dated a guy from N-Z a few years back. Got all confused with what's what in that corner of the world. Sorry Ben!!!!


Wayward Mind said...

>>> Japan? Maybe I should look at this a little more often. <<<

Where you been, Ange? I emailed you a while back, but no reply. :(

Japlans (as I'm calling my scheme) is coming along well. Dealing with passport junk (still) and some final coursework (96% on one portion of the post-course work). This week I'm going to try to have all the final job search/posting stuff done... and then we shall see!