Friday, July 15, 2005

"I push my fingers into my eyes..."

Okay, upon cursory glance, I thought I had a lot of books, but also figured I had the storage units (aka, bookshelves) to contain them.

.............. Sadly, I was mistaken. Very very mistaken.

About an hour and a half ago, I began unpacking my books in earnest. Foolish me, I actually thought that one bookshelf could hold all my fantasy and sci-fi, mixed together by author. Not - even - fucking - close. I very badly need a Gravbenda(tm) so I can shelve my books perpendicularly on the ceiling.

So I've used up 2 of my 4 bookshelves for fantasy and sci-fi, and that's after removing the "grey" ones: Michael Marshall Smith, historical lit, etc. that could conceivably go into those bookshelves.

The scary thing? I actually think there's more of a mess now -- after putting some books away -- than when I initiated this folly.

I'd like to post something meaningful, but truly there has been a lot of SFA happenin' in my life. I'm sure I'll hit 70 and someone will ask "What was your life like? You lived in such an amazing period of history" and I'll say "Ummm... you know... I ummm... *mumble, mumble* and stuff".

One highlight was having caught up on most of the 4th season of Family Guy thanks to Aaron having burninated me a dvd of 7 recent episodes.

Ummm... yeah. Guess that's it. Oi. Back to the ol' librarian work...

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